Welcome to Nayab Dry Fruit website. We highly value your personal information and try our best to protect it. By accessing our website, you agree to the privacy policy stated here. Please find below the detailed privacy policy of Nayab Dry Fruit for your understanding:

What is a Privacy Policy?
A privacy policy is a detailed explanation regarding the following aspects of a user’s personal data:

What kind of personal information will be collected?
How this information will be collected?
How we’ll use it?
Which the third party might have access to it?
Cookie usage
How Nayab Dry Fruit will secure your personal information?
Your rights
Let’s know more about Nayab Dry Fruit’s privacy policy:

What kind of personal information will be collected?
We may collect several pieces of information if you wish to place an order with us on our website. This might include, but not limited to, your name, email, mailing information (country name, province/state name, city, Zip code), phone number, bank or credit card information, etc.

Please note that you can visit our website and browse it without providing any sort of personal information. During your visit to Nayab Dry Fruit’s website, you remain anonymous and we cannot identify you or your activity unless you have logged into the website via your account or you confirm an order with us.

How this information will be collected?
When you visit our website, you have the option to create an account with us in order to save time filling in this information at the checkout stage of the order placement. This way we can get essential information that will help us to facilitate you in a quick manner.

Additionally, you can browse the website without an account as well and will be asked to provide essential information at the order placement stage.

Moreover, allowing cookies on your PC/mobile will also provide us with essential information that is required to identify your device with our server as a unique user when you visit.

How we’ll use personal information?
We collect, store and process your personal information to facilitate you in order displacement, any future claim/return purpose or to provide you with the latest information regarding our products and services. We might also use your data for account creation, payment confirmation, user preference and to get statistical information via some analytical tools in order to improve our services or website content/layout. Transaction details such as credit card or bank account numbers are used to verify the payment and are handled with utmost care.

Which the third party might have access to it?
We might provide your name, address, and contact number to our courier partner in order to facilitate your delivery of the order. Moreover, your data might be provided to our website developers, operators, and subcontractors in order to facilitate us in getting insights from users’ preferences, likes/dislikes, and certain behavioral information that might help us in optimizing the website. We might provide your data to a third party in case we sell our business (partial/complete) to them. Moreover, we might provide your information in response to requests made by law enforcement departments, court order, or any legal process to investigate any suspected activity/transaction. We also have the right to disclose user’s personal information to defend ourselves against legal claims by any party.

Other than the situations listed in the Privacy policy, we shall NOT sell or transfer your personal data to a third party without your explicit approval unless it is required by state law. Our website might show advertising from third parties. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy policies or content of those third parties.

Cookie usage
Cookies are text files with small pieces of data such as login details (username, password). The data stored in a cookie is created by your internet server on the hard drive of your device and is an essential element of improving your online experience.

The acknowledgment of cookies is not a requirement for using our website. However, if you accept the cookies, it will help us to customize, manage, and track your activity on our website. For example, cookies can help us to streamline your web experience by eliminating the need to login again or rebuild your shopping cart after leaving the site or accidentally closing it.

We might also use cookies to analyze your utilization of our website to get useful insights in order to improve our services.

Please note that some functions of the website might not be available if cookies are not enabled.

For us, the safety of our users’ vulnerable data is extremely important as it involves trust. We have set up adequate safety measures to ensure the safety of sensitive information. These safety measures are effective in preventing any unlawful or unauthorized access, accidental loss, or harm to your data. We have employed a safe server to save your personal information. Additionally, we use firewalls on our servers and our security measures require proof of identity before we provide access to your personal information.

Your rights
You have the right to request access to your personal data that is available with us in case you have concerns about it. You can request us to edit or even delete this information. You can also choose to not approve cookies or any other way of providing us with your personal information.

The emails that will be sent to you regarding updates will have the option to unsubscribe at any time if you wish to choose so. We value our esteemed customers and shall always respect their choice.

Note: The rules/principles set out in this privacy policy are derived from the Laws of Pakistan and acceptance of it will automatically mean that you admit the jurisdiction of these laws. We have the right to change or cancel any policy with time in accordance with the laws and will notify you in this regard.